How do I get involved?

SHAMAN’s revolutionary approach is designed to dramatically increase the efficiency of healthcare processes. SHAMAN’s machine-learning architecture has the potential to change the way the world generates knowledge and your membership will help achieve this goal. SHAMAN relies on high-value, validated data records that are being collected in stages. The current stage is the Reference Records Program 3 (“RRP3”). Selected participants are compensated for their participation.


As of Friday, March 12, 2021, the RRP3 program is closed. Please check back for future programs.


Process: Validated data is crucial and participation requires a verbal conversation to ensure qualification. Prospective participants first request contact (see below) whereafter they will be contacted by telephone to discuss program details. Once qualification is established, a UserID will be assigned and the participant will be directed to the online data collection site where the UserID is used to log in. Once the data is successfully submitted the participant will be contacted to arrange a time/place for the remaining data collection.


Privacy: After acceptance of your Record, your contact information is deleted and “de-indexed” so that your Record can no longer be associated with your UserID. This means your Record will be anonymous and cannot be traced to your contact information. SHAMAN was intentionally designed with this disconnect to ensure anonymity. This also means that if you lose your UserID, it cannot be recovered and access to SHAMAN would require starting all over again (unpaid) with any new record not being associated with any older record.


If you are interested in participating in this exciting technological advance, fill out the Contact form below.

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