nDatalyze operational update and business model explanation – January 3, 2024



nDatalyze Corp. (“NDAT” or the “Corporation”) (CSE:NDAT) (OTC:NDATF) operational update and business model explanation.


Calgary, Alberta – January 3, 2024

For Immediate Release – nDatalyze Corp. (“NDAT” or the “Corporation”) (CSE:NDAT) (OTC:NDATF) ) is pleased to update the Corporation’s business operations and explain its business model.



In addressing the pressing challenges of the mental health crisis, nDatalyze presents a revolutionary solution – the YMI clinical decision support system, an advanced data analysis tool that represents a fundamental change to the way mental conditions are diagnosed and treated. This transformative tool aims to substantially improve both mental health diagnosis rates and treatment, thereby helping elevate overall societal mental health. The following outlines the strategic approach that underlies YMI’s business model.



As published in the National Library of Medicine (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5007565/), between 2011 and 2030, the cumulative economic output loss associated with mental disorders is projected to be US$ 16.3 trillion worldwide, making the economic output loss related to mental disorders comparable to that of cardiovascular diseases, and higher than that of cancer, chronic respiratory diseases, and diabetes. Unfortunately, current mental condition diagnostic methods are wrong over half the time; essentially a coin toss that is often followed by inappropriate drug prescriptions with poor results and unwanted side effects. This prevalent “trial-and-error” approach hinders patient well-being, congests mental health systems, and contributes to an overall decline in societal mental health.



YMI addresses the root causes of misdiagnosis by leveraging an objective, fact-based Reference Database and clinician-guided machine-learning algorithms. This approach replaces subjective patient opinions with well-informed diagnostic predictions that are consistent, rapid, and less biased; fundamentally altering the diagnostic and treatment landscape.



YMI’s evolution involves three crucial steps – 1. creating the system, 2. establishing credibility through clinical studies, and 3. penetrating the market through a series of relationships. We have already completed Step 1 – YMI is fully functional and online today.



Ongoing studies to involve the Canadian Mental Health Association, and renowned professionals, Dr. Andrew Greenshaw, Dr. Bo Cao, and Dr. Dale Stevens, aim to validate YMI’s effectiveness and explore the benefits of DNA data integration. News release references are:

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Dec 18, 2023 https://quotemedia.com/portal/quote?qm_symbol=NDAT%3ACNX&qmodStoryID=8848133407154159

Nov 14, 2023 https://quotemedia.com/portal/quote?qm_symbol=NDAT%3ACNX&qmodStoryID=5541047718403320



To become the preferred mental condition diagnostic tool across Canada and the US, YMI aims to forge relationships with governmental health authorities and health insurance companies, as is evident in recent news releases.



Usage Fees and Licensing: nDatalyze anticipates recurring revenue through usage fees for each YMI system use, and/or licensing agreements. Target markets include governmental health care systems, private health care insurers, risk-based businesses like insurance companies, airlines, police & security, and trucking/shipping industries.



The corporation has ample capital to fund ongoing studies.



Preliminary results from clinical studies are expected within the next 120 days, with updates on the progress thereafter.



YMI uses evidence-based, objective data from whole life experiences to predict individual mental states over time, and applies this knowledge towards a fuller understanding of how mental health develops, and how to improve mental wellbeing. YMI combines supervised machine-learning with a proprietary Reference Database to predict an individual’s predisposition toward a variety of common mental conditions, both current and forward in time.

nDatalyze’s YMI is poised to revolutionize mental health diagnoses while ensuring a sustainable revenue stream. By strategically addressing the causes of misdiagnosis, establishing credibility through clinical studies, and targeting key markets, YMI aligns both societal impact and financial success.



Dr. Keith Courtney, President (psychiatric aspects)
Email: [email protected]

James Durward, CEO&CTO (technical aspects)
Telephone: (403) 689-3901
Email: [email protected]

Website: www.ndatalyze.com

YMI Website: https://ymihealth.ca


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