nDatalyze releases its breakthrough A.I.-driven Predictive Analysis Tool – December 7, 2022


nDatalyze Corp. releases its breakthrough A.I.-driven Predictive Analysis Tool, Empowering People With a Clearer Picture of Their Own Mental Health

Calgary, Alberta – December 7, 2022

For Immediate Release – nDatalyze Corp. (“NDAT” or the “Corporation”) (CSE:NDAT)(OTCQB:NDATF) is pleased to announce the Canada-wide release of YMI, a comprehensive new breakthrough mental health tool, in its mission to help the public gain a better understanding of their mental health, and in the process, help alleviate the massive strain currently placed on mental health system resources.

Created by doctors, psychotherapists, data scientists and other experts, YMI was designed to address one of the biggest problems currently facing the mental health system: Access to clinical resources. The predictive survey generates a population normal baseline and uses supervised artificial intelligence to generate insights on the degree of how individuals’ genetic expressions, childhood and life experiences affect their mental wellbeing. It then provides resources to connect with qualified experts for treatment.

“Long before the pandemic brought mental health to the fore, the Internet had spawned a self-diagnosis movement that has propelled skyrocketing demand for mental health services leading to an overload of the mental health system,” says James Durward, President of nDatalyze Corp. “Traditional diagnostic processes that rely on short subjective self-reporting questionnaires that, whether administered by psychotherapists or individuals, can be wrong greater than 60% of the time. The process often sees people waiting months and spending thousands just to get through the diagnostic process that should happen before treatment.

“An unintended consequence of this,” Durward adds, “is that many low urgency cases have clogged the system and pre-empted high probability cases where help is more urgently needed. Exacerbating the problem is that misdiagnosis is often followed by misprescription of drugs that can result in adverse side-effects or even new mental conditions. YMI is designed to address these factors by providing an advanced digital, objective, quantifiable tool for predictive mental health screening for the public and psychotherapists alike.”

YMI’s position is supported by Dr. Keith Courtney, a Board-Certified Psychiatrist who consulted on YMI’s scoring algorithms. “I also think YMI aids in triage,” Dr. Courtney says. “And that’s the problem with the [mental health] system.” An interview with Dr. Courtney can be seen at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trNWPSPYQ5E

YMI uses a holistic, evidence-based, objective data from whole life experiences to predict why you are who you are, and applies this knowledge towards a fuller understanding of how to improve your mental wellbeing. After registering at ymihealth (https://ymihealth.ca) users are given access to a private, in-depth survey that applies artificial intelligence using a person’s genetic expressions, childhood environment, habits, phobias, lived experiences and lifestyle. Upon completion of the survey, YMI generates a personalized graphic report predicting a person’s predisposition for seven mental conditions including anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, alcoholism, and personality disorders both current and forward in time. The downloadable report may be used for reference as the user considers changes to their lifestyle that may help improve their mental wellbeing and mental health journey. The service also helps connect users with therapists who are prepared to help with next steps, providing further clarity and treatment as required.

“The YMI digital tool combines a whole-life approach with artificial intelligence to establish mental health normative data. These norms allow fast, unbiased and consistent prediction of the underlying causes of mental conditions, their severity and how the severity might change with age. It also predicts the changes needed to improve one’s mental health functioning.” says Dr. Carol Malec, PhD, Psychologist, another of YMI’s consultants. Dr. Malec adds: “Positive change requires an informed, comparative starting point and that’s what YMI provides. I am quite excited about its potential to change the way we practice and provide mental health services.”

As part of the launch, YMI is offered at a reduced introductory price of $99.00, including one user profile, five survey credits and a full year’s access to reports.


YMI is available now at https://ymihealth.ca/


About nDatalyze Corp.:

nDatalyze Corp. generates technology-based, health-related solutions. It’s machine-learning processed, online consumer mental health application known as “YMI” is based on the Corporation’s proprietary Reference Database consisting of >1200 biometric records complete with associated electroencephalogram (“EEG”) data. YMI has only recently begun its initial staged launch and accordingly the Corporation cannot accurately predict if or when this application will become a cash flow generator.



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