What is SHAMAN?


SHAMAN is a machine learning-based intelligence system designed to generate high-probability health predictions. SHAMAN is part of the rapidly-growing mobile health (“mHealth”) revolution, a phenomenon that is disrupting the way healthcare is provided worldwide. While SHAMAN’s initial application involves mental health afflictions and treatments, including the potential of psychedelic drugs, SHAMAN is not limited to this application. Its underlying Reference Database and processes are also being used in physical health and cancer predictions through the Mother company’s YMI consumer mHealth application. SHAMAN’s fact-based, biometric Reference Database is now being built with general public release expected in late 2021.


How do you acquire biometric data?  In short, we pay for it. The Reference Database consists of data sourced from individuals who are interested in the improvement of overall human health.


What is the value proposition?  Every person has a “Scope” that is based on a combination of personal experience, bias and interpretation ability, and their Scope is relied upon when forming opinions. While some people have more comprehensive Scopes than others, ALL individual Scopes are tiny in the context of a multi-billion world-wide population. SHAMAN is designed to generate opinions based on a far larger, ever-expanding Scope than any individual person ever could. This disruptive process carries the potential to revolutionalize health care.


Is there expansion potential? While SHAMAN is initially focusing on mental health afflictions and treatment, at its core is a problem-solving methodology that has application in many verticals.


What about privacy?  SHAMAN does not correlate contact information with data records. It is not necessary for SHAMAN to know who you are, rather “why” you are and what your situation is. Because SHAMAN does not correlate this information, any information provided cannot be traced to its source. SHAMAN is designed to provide anonymity for its members.